Friday, June 22, 2012

Earth & Clay

On Wednesday (20 June), a few bloggers and I visited Earth & Clay for a hand casting workshop.

Woohoo, it was my first time doing such stuff and I was pretty excited to see how it would be like!

Earth & Clay
Creating Life-size Sculptures of hands and feet.

Earth and Clay offers a unique experience of life casting. We break the mould of producing kitschy momentos by introducing clay casting to create life-sized sculptures of whole hands and feet. Participate directly in the process, get creative and choose from an array of colours and frames to customize your very own clay sculpture. The final product encapculates every form, intricate lines and details on the hands and feet and even distinct contours of the nails. A quality gift and a piece of artwork, the clay sculpture captures the life of significant events.

Guess what I'm doing?

Ok, before that...

There is no age limit for this. The three-dimensional replica helps to cast one's mind back to the momentous events in their lifetime when the sculpture was made:
- Birthdays
- Baby Showers
- Wedding
- Anniversaries
- Events
- & more

Look at some of these artwork at the shop.

Look at those baby hands. Cute like mad!

It is also a perfect gift to leave a memory of the most important date of your life, like wedding. Sweet~

You can make other hand signs as well. So cool!

How about making it to something useful?
(sorry for the blur image, I only took one)

Let the artwork begin~


Initially, the powder is white, but turned pink when it got contact with water. The colour suggest the time when you should put your hand in. When it turns from pink to light pink, it is time to put your hand in before it turns white and starts to "harden". It feels as though I'm putting my hand into thick mud, of course, this is clean one. You have to "gently" and slowly remove your hand from the piece of art, otherwise it will go out of shape and spoil your final artwork.

My first trial was ruined because I put my hand too deep into the "mud" and my hand touched the base of the container. Your hand should be "floating" so that the mud can mark/capture the details of your palm and fingers.

Look at the different "hands".


That 30 minutes long wait made us visit McDonald's for lunch because most of them are hungry. Once it is done, we have to peel off the jelly part to have our clay hand. This is to be done with caution because one slight mistake might disfigure the fingers or the palm.

One thing to note: Have your finger nails trimmed before having your palms imprinted. Otherwise the mould would get into your fingers or your clay finger nails turn out ugly and they will have to help to trim, and it might not look very natural. (I actually made the decision to cut my nails on the spot with one of the blogger's nail clippers because I was afraid that the slightly long nails would affect the final artwork.)


Slowly and steadily.

Almost there...

YAY done. I did this close up to show you that your palm lines are actually being featured on this clay hand. *ok ignore my big/fat fingers and hand*
If you can see, there is actually unequal space between my fingers. My index finger and ring finger are of different height. Eh what was I doing when my hand was being imprinted? o.o Oh well.

This is the back, since we face our palm downwards. You can see that it is not very nice, but who cares? The most important thing is that your palm side turns out good!

Rachel's. Mine. Jaslyn's.


I decided to go for pink instead of the popular choice of silver or white. Mine had Pearly White sprayed over Matte Pink to give it a shimmery look (since there isn't any shimmery pink).

Finding alphabets for our artwork...

TADA.. my final piece of artwork.
I'm proud of it even though the spraying and sticking on the plate weren't done by me. But I think I was brave to take pink when almost everyone else chose silver or white on a blur or pink plate. Unique, but got inspiration from the display piece. The display one is Matte Pink with Green Glass plate, but mine is Shimmery Pink with Green Acrylic Plate. Hehehe.

Invited to join them for the official launch on 1st July! You can come to visit too!

Overall, I had an enjoyable and fun time experiencing the process of how such stuff are being made. On a side note, the customer's work is done after removing their hand and they will receive their artwork few hours later or the next day, depending on the crowd. I'm very privileged to sit through the entire process.

I think it is a perfect and unique gift to one, as each one of us does not have the same palm lines etc. Each of us are different and unique in our own way. So why not give this a try? I'm going to keep this for life and see how the lines on my palm changes as I grow old.

Earth & Clay

3 Temasek Boulevard #03-075
Suntec City Mall
Singapore 038098


Once again, thanks to Earth & Clay for the piece of artwork that each of us bring home.

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