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Hillsta Amazing Race

A group of bloggers and friends participated in an amazing race around Hillsta on a Saturday late morning (23 June).

I suppose the main purpose of this amazing race is for us to know about the amenities around the new and upcoming residential property, known as Hillsta. (Except the fact that we all need to exercise at least thrice a week.) *But hey, that amazing race is my "3rd jog" of the week and my thigh muscles are aching* So I reckon, the stations will be located at the surrounding amenities - those places are also considered when building a residential property/purchasing an apartment.

Before I moved into the information and stations of the race, here is a little information about Hillsta:

A New Residential development consisting of a mix SOHO, Condominium and Townhouse in Choa Chu Kang that offers full condominium facilities.

Hillsta is well-connected by the extensive transportation network surrounding it. It is a 3-min walk to the Phoenix LRT Station and a 10-min walk to the upcoming Bukit Panjang MRT Station on Downtown Line. The development is also strategically located near an abundance of amenities and shopping malls such as Bukit Panjang Plaza, Lot One Shoppers’ Mall, the chic Rail Mall and the newest cosmopolitan mall, Junction 10. Hillsta is also close to extensive nature areas, such as the popular Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Bukit Batok Nature Park, Bukit Batok Town Park (Little Guilin) and other parks for residents to enjoy.

I don't want to bore you with information about Hillsta.

The rules of the amazing race are simple. That is to complete the given task at each station (6 stations in total). In completion, we will be awarded with Hillsta dollars (used only in this race) based on our performance. However, we can only travel by foot as all the stations are within walking distance from Hillsta Sales Gallery. Any other mean of transport are not allowed. All traffic rules and regulations must be obeyed. Can you remember how hot the weather is that day (given that it took place in the noon)? Any short distance felt actually as if it was a long one.

Before that, breakfast was provided for us to recharge before the race began.

My partner, Justine and I.
We are supposed to come up with a group name (Honestly every time when a group name is required, I don't know what to name ourselves), so this time, we named ourselves as Girlsta (inspiration from Hillsta) *LOL*

We were all paired up and given a survival kit (which consists of cookies, bottled water, packet drinks, game card, mailer and station map). And we are having some strategy to conquer the area, thus all the markings.

the familiar faces: Rachel, Justine, Joanna, Hong Peng.

All preparing to start the race. Ready, get set, go!

The following are not in sequence as to where we go, but about the same, because we thought that everyone would visit the nearest first. We decided to aim for the furthest one first.

(To compensate for not taking photos during the race, I decided to grab image from google map, but it may not be the latest update.)

Phoenix LRT Station
3-minute walk

Well, I think it takes less than 3 minutes to get from Hillsta sales gallery. It is pretty near as it is just diagonally across the road. That makes it a peaceful yet convenience place to stay.

We had a numbering task at this station, where we had to figure the pictures pasted on the floor from number 1 to 10. It was pretty easy as we finished the game in less than 3 minutes!

Junction 10
7-minute walk

I thought that Junction 10 is beside Junction 8 (opps). This is the newest cosmopolitan mall in the area. It's just down the stretch of the road, thus it is pretty near and convenient.

In this station, we were given a crossword puzzle. Since it is a new development, I suppose the purpose of this activity is to let us know more about the different retail shops in that mall. You can find some familiar brands and products, so as to attract shoppers into the mall.

Bukit Panjang LRT Station
12-minute walk

I'm sure you have heard of this LRT station. In the future, with the new train stations, this station will be connected to the city centre and Marina Bay. I believe the property price might increase with the new line(s).

Enough said, in this station, we have to spot the 10 differences. We were given 2 wide-angle images with very similar picture. It is not those pictorial type, but real-life view you can see around this area, which makes the differences small and difficult to be found. However, this is the fastest one we have been in. All thanks to Justine's sharp eyes - I only managed to find 2 or 3.

Bukit Panjang Plaza
12-minute walk

Of course with the well-known LRT station, there is this shopping centre in the surrounding.

We were given a passage to read for about 30 seconds to a minute. After which, we had to piece the different pieces together to form that passage. The passage describes what Hillsta is.

Teck Whye Food Centre

This is at Block 143. If you see the map, it is a tad far from the main road, but this area has the neighbourhood market, if you prefer to shop at such place.

Remember we were given a mailer? We had to find as many adjectives as possible in that mailer. *both of us add up to 40 already, still don't know what is an adjective*

We were also given a clue to the bonus station at this station. Planning our strategy earlier, we were guessing that the bonus station should not far away from the station where the clue is given, otherwise we would be going one big round around the area.

Can you guess what this is?

Bus stop: DDACI


Bonus Station: Bus Stop 44139

Yes, decode it. Anyway, the bus stop is just right outside the Sales Gallery and if you were to see a queue, you don't even have to decode it. LOL, but you need the piece of clue in order to participate in the activity at this station.

We were supposed to calculate the sum of the bus service numbers in that bus stop. Given my maths ability, I still took more than an minute -.- I still prefer calculating when it is written down.

And then we have to take a photo of us with the Sales Gallery background in order to receive our Hillsta dollars.

& so the race ended after the bonus station. We didn't know that we can actually earn more Hillsta dollars if we were to perform at every station. Oh well.

Lunch was prepared for us as well. So thoughtful of them to know that we would be hungry after the race (even though we are earning the calories back after burning them). But it is really nice of them.

I reckon that we might be one of team with the lowest Hillsta dollars as we had only $2,200. But we had a lot of fun from running here and there and participating in various activities. Indeed a calories-burning session for most of us.

& did I mention that the team with the most Hillsta Dollars will win $1,500 worth of Orchard Central Shopping Vouchers?!

Congrats to Celine & her boyfriend for winning the top prize!

There was also a lucky draw at the end of the event with a new iPad and up to $500 worth of Lucky Draw Prizes to be won!

Congrats to Valentine for being the lucky winner and proud owner of the iPad!

My cui look after the race. *Does my cheek bone look higher? :P*

The session ended with a group photo and a goodie bag for everyone.

Special thanks to the staff at Far East Organisation for making this event a successful, enjoable and fun one!

All images except Google map are credited to Justine.

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