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2D1N Genting (Day 1)

September taught me and made me realise how much loved I am(was). I was tired and am still tired. My close friends would understand. I needed a break and I still need more. Thankfully, the sponsored trip came in the right time for me. I was thinking if I should leave some things behind temporarily and just go ahead with the trip and enjoy myself for the weekend. In the end, I did.

I was actually selected for the 1st one last minute due to drop out, but I rejected it in the end because that was one of my busiest weekend ever, with classes and SHAPE run. However, I finally got the chance to be part of Genting Evangelist trip!

We had to meet in the morning 6.00am at Golden Mile Complex, Five Star Tours on 29th September, and the bus was due to depart at 6.30am, so Tiffany and I cabbed down to Jurong East because Celine's dad offered to bring us. Thank you ^^

"Half awake mode @tiffanywong"
I was so looking forward to having a screen in front of me for that 6-hour journey to Genting, but I was disappointed when I saw none. Oh well, at least the seats are comfy.

First stop after we passed the Malaysian Custom, Yong Peng. The coaches will usually stop over at this place for a break/lunch, if they are heading to KL/Genting. Well, this isn't my first time but the place has changed since I last visited during the NAPBAS trip (Read part 1 & part 2).

The kaya balls remind me of my childhood. I remember there was one store in Ang Mo Kio that sells this in many flavours, but I think it is no longer there. Anyone knows where I can find it again? I first tried the crispy waffle during that trip, and I am rather fond of it. This ramly burger isn't as good as we expected. Nonetheless, it filled our tummy :P

I was trying to capture where we were at to the ground level, but of course it failed. And I thought when I saw the first board, it meant that we reached/were reaching, but it turned out the route up to Genting took more than half an hour #okcan

And so we reached, but I failed to capture the beautiful themepark :( We didn't get to visit it as planned though.

Kids/teens entertainment facilities; took these while walking towards the restaurant where we had lunch at.

Before we headed for lunch, we had our luggage left with the hotel (First World Hotel) personnel, And finally, I think by the way we reached Hao You Ji for lunch, we were all famished.

Lunch menu. Chinese tea was also served too; I think I had 3-4 glasses. (I'm a big fan of chinese tea.) Look at the cute glasses.

Hungry-looking us.

Brace yourself as food photos are coming...

Ginseng Roots with Chicken
I always love this kind of herbs soup.

Home-made Soya Bean Curd with Crab Egg Sauce
Soya bean curd is good for the skin!

Spare Ribs with Chef's Sauce
This is recommended by all, if not, most of us. I think this is the only one that was finished.

Steamed Free-range Chicken
It may look oily, but it isn't that oily as we thought.

Steamed Marble Goby Fish with Minced Ginger
This is another recommended one. For people like me who don't eat ginger, this minced ginger adds flavour to the fish, which makes the entire dish special.

Australia Asparagus with Lily Bulbs
Not much of a fan of such vegetables.

Crispy Lo Mei Chi
I didn't try this, because I was rather full when this arrived.

Honeydew Sago
Somehow I kind of like desserts with sago, they feel like aloe vera (no it doesn't - ok but it feels 50% like) Does it resemble mickey/minnie mouse?

After the heavy lunch, we were ready to check in since it was 10-15 minutes before 4pm (check-in time is 3pm). But by the time we settled down in our room, it was about 4-4.10pm.

I was actually assigned to a room with Ruiting, but we had exchange of partners and Ann became my roomie.

So we rested and packed some things before meeting each other for shopping time!

Our first stop was the mobile shop, because we wanted to get data plan to use whatsapp and surf social media on the go. Lol, and all of us bought -.- when we could have shared one and made use of hotspot (which we all didn't realise/know - we thought it is only available for iPhone users) And I almost got Samsung S3 cover in white, but didn't get in the end because I thought I could use the money on other stuff like food so that I can bring them home.

After walking around in other shops, we settled down for "Ripley's Believe It or Not" museum. At first, I was pretty much hesitant to enter because I am not a fan of horror stuff, but was convinced to do so because it is not a horror museum, just a showcase of facts etc. And I also thought we would get out of the place without half an hour, but I think we took about 1.5 to 2 hours.

I think there was this tongue thing beside the "Mysterious Mathematics" and there was something hilarious about it. I shall be a spoiler. If you try doing the tongue thing in the mirror, you can be seen at the other side of the museum.
1. Try the mathematics one. It wasn't accurate for me at first, but it turned out to be right after multiple tries.

2. I was shocked by the pair of elderly and at that point, I thought there were those real people figurines -.- but these wasn't any after that. I was trying to take the 2 elderly when Silver and Apple walked past.

3. Can you believe that the mossque is actually made of matchsticks? Neither do I.

4. I think some facts about the various poker cards. I rarely touch them, and neither do I know how to play them, probably only Black Jack (I can't remember the other one I played before).

Something sent a chill down my spine at this area and I wanted to go away as soon as possible. Questions were raised: why did they put the spikes inside the coffin? Shouldn't they only be on the cover so that the death was a sudden and fast one? One would die if he/she walked straight in right?
I didn't peek into the prison, because I'm not a fan of such things. What I heard was that it was dark and there was a rope. It was discussed that the prisoners were imprisoned for life, so they can choose the easy way out by hanging themselves with the provided rope.

Giant Chippendale Chair; Torture Chair; Antique Child's Dentist Chair C. 1904; World's Luckiest Chair.
The dentist chair looks like some torture chair too.

What I posted are just namely a few, but there are lots more. One of the things you must walk through is the bridge, the one where you will feel that you will be falling down because everything else is rotating - I don't really know how to explain but I practically walked a bit and stepped back and ran across because the clique simply went ahead (and my shoes were loud).

For more, you may choose to visit my album (I only took a few) or Jowey's (I think she took almost everything, if not, all) or visit the museum yourself to experience everything! (PS I am unsure if her album is put to public)

After the museum, we went for some shopping at Sasa. I heard that they sell relatively cheap stuff (compared to Singapore's) - still not sure how true is that. But we were attracted the 4-for-RM10 masks. And I remembered Silver bought more than RM100 worth of masks and beauty products. Because of the shopping, we were nearly late for meeting at the lobby to head for dinner at Ming Ren Restaurant (beside Hao You Ji).

The long list of food. But is there a need to include the costs of the entire meal? o.o

Xin Jiang flavored Rice steam with Lemon Grass, Turmeric, Ginger, Garlic and Shallots
I found myself keep having this even though I was going for less carbs. Perhaps because it tasted better and nicerr with flavour.

Boiled Yam and Papaya Soup
This is recommended too! The yam's taste and papaya's sweetness were still maintained despite being boiled.

Baked Mackerel served with Japanese BBQ Sauce
I think this is the fish that is quite expensive (according to my mother), if I am not wrong.

Stir Fried Scallops with Lily Bulbs, Sweet Corn and Hawaiian Nuts
I didn't try much of this.

Stir-fried Sliced Lamb with Potatos and Curry Sauce
I would love to try this, but this has lamb, which I don't eat. I should have just tried the potato.

Stir-fried French Beans with Shrimp and Chili
Picky me, I don't like this either.

Spicy Roasted Chicken
My favourite ^^ I like spicy chicken and the sauce is so good that I can have it on its own.

Roasted Xinjiang Lamb Leg
Another lamb dish.

Golden Crispy Fried Prawns dressed with Fruits and cooked with Wasabi
Initially I thought the green-colored food is kiwi and this entire dish contains fruits. I was thinking why was it being served in the middle (opps not middle already). It turned out that they are prawns and they tasted really good, for someone who doesn't eat wasabi. It doesn't have much wasabi though. This is recommended!

Special Xinjiang Almond and Pistachio Ice Cream
Just by the name, we were all lied to thinking that it is another ordinary ice cream, but it turned out to have contained minced lamb in the ice cream. Who would have thought. And I only cleared the papaya and almond part.

Minty Jelly
(unsure of the actual name)
Celine said that she couldn't eat lamb, so she was given this minty jelly as dessert at no cost, which adds another few points to their service (not sure if they treated us well because we are bloggers - nonetheless they took the effort to replace it with something she could eat). I should have also done that too. She was nice to share her dessert with me, knowing that I didn't have that ice cream.

After the scrumptious dinner, we decided to walk around First World Plaza as we were told that some of the shops would only be closed 1am (it was only 10pm then) on Saturdays, but we saw most of them closing at 12am instead.

We decided to go for the chocolate fondue, since we had been eyeing it whenever we walked past. The usual is strawberries dipped in chocolate, but I decided to go for unusual, papaya in chocolate instead because I didn't try that before. The chocolate was rather disappointing though :(

Ann and I decided to buy some snacks and catch whatever movie there is on TV after doing masks (which we bought at Sasa). And that pretty much ended the "day" when I fell asleep unknowingly - of course I did wake up to do the necessary stuff before going into proper sleep.

I will be back for post for Day 2 soon and I shall end with my Genting Day 1 #ootd #oftd #wiw #wiwt.
Schoolgirl Pointy Blouse in Navy from TheTinselRack | Crayola Two-Pocket Shorts in Pink from TheVelvetDolls | Satchel in Brown from Taiwan spree site | Black Scarf from Bugis | Thick Stockings from online shop

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