Saturday, October 6, 2012

7-Eleven - It's a store and more!

It is needless for me to introduce 7-Eleven - It's a store and more!

If I am not wrong, the name 7-Eleven is started because when it first started, the store is only opened from 7am to 11pm. Now the opening hours have changed to 24 hours to cater to everyone. Talk about it being a convenience store around the island.

Look at the variety of products available in a small convenience store.
From food and beverages to magazines to necessities to stationery.

After my buys at 7-Eleven.
"Thank you for shopping with us!"

Please don't mind me for the tired look. We visited the nearest 7-Eleven and took these photos after an event at Marina Square. When you look at the time on the receipt, you will know why I am tired.

The cashier nearly threw away our receipts. Luckily we managed to get it back.

Can you see the time? Please don't squeeze your eyes. This image is only that big.
We shopped and paid on 5 October 02:19, which was about 24 hours ago. LOL, why am I counting?

Wahaha, my buys. Who is not a fan of potato chips and chocolates? #dietfail

If you have been following me, I have been down for the past few weeks. Sometimes I just want to seek comfort in food, this is why such food are called comfort food? Tell me, who don't seek them? o.o I understand it is unhealthy but we can still eat in moderation :)

Simply spend at least S$3 and you get to participate the two contests! Anything is allowed, except for selected items such as tobacco-related products. Just one magazine and you can enter too ^^

As for me, if I were to win 7-Eleven Leading Brands Blogger Contest,
I would like to visit Bangkok or Phuket.

"Crazy ah? Why don't you want to choose a better place since it is going to be free?"
Nothing is free in this world. And you have to pay your other expenses as well, isn't it? For me, I will be satisfied with what I (can) have. I will go for where I can afford first and visit other places in the future :)

I have not been to neither of these places, so I selected these two. Yes I am 20 and I have never been there.
So, either cities are good for me, since both are in Thailand!

*Image grabbed from
I think whenever someone says they are heading to Bangkok, I will always imagine a "shopping paradise". One of the things listed in Top 10 Things to Do in Bangkok is Chatuchak Market. I see most of them coming back to Singapore with tons and tons of items bought from the wholesale market. Well, I also wish to be one of them too. I hope to visit that place with my friends one day (even though I think my mother will nag at me when I return - do most of you experience that?).

*Image grabbed from
I want to visit Phuket for some nature beauty and adventures. That place looks lovely. Ok that is as what I saw in my researches and various blogs. Look at the 10 Phuket Activities. Wow, simply adventurous. If I have the chance, I will want to try whitewater rafting even though I think I will pretty much suck at it. Nonetheless, I will visit that place with my family one day.

Where would you like to visit if you were to win?

*Image screenshot from
Participate in #7Eleven Bloggers Contest with 3 easy steps!

Not only does 7-Eleven have the bloggers contest, the leading brands contest is also currently ongoing! Plus you get to participate in this one with the same receipt you use as the previous contest. Awesome!

*Image screenshot from
Participate in #7Eleven Leading Brands Contest with 3 easy steps!

Both contests will end on 9 October 2012.
Hurry and participate in both contests to win prizes!

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