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2D1N Genting (Day 2)

Read about my 2D1N Genting (Day 1) here!

Time flies and it was already day 2 and we all look forward to the highlight of the trip!

I planned to wake up at 7am because I wanted to bathe - I am always the first one to wake up and do the necessary before waking my roomie up, but I overslept till 7.40am (notbad.jpg) and hurried because...

When Jayne & Gabby said to have breakfast at 8am, I literally thought we need to meet for breakfast at 8am -.- when in fact, we could go anytime as long as we need to gather by 9/9.15am for SnowWorld. in the end, we turned up for breakfast at about 8.20am. We were not the latest anyway.

"Yellow breakfast."
The breakfast provided at First World Hotel, known as World Club Lounge, wasn't very appetizing and has few offerings (What do you expect, Xue Ling?) I miss making eggy bread when I first saw it! I will make that soon, trust me.

The most exciting event of the trip: SnowWorld. FINALLY.

Nope, we didn't read the terms and entered into the contract. Wow, it is -8 degree Celsius.

This is what bloggers do when they are waiting: Camwhore.

My 2 hang-outs of the entire trip: Tiffany & Ann.
So good to see familiar faces for this trip!

I spammed lots of hydrating moisturizer to prepare for the cold weather but it got really dry on the surface :(

Getting the jacket, boots and gloves! I didn't manage to get M or L, but had to use the XL/XXL one. Everyone is so small, ok lah, I think I can even fit into S since those are big in size :P

*Image downloaded from Amanda Isabelynn
Group photo! All prepped up to get in :)
My camera wasn't used because everyone wanted a photo in theirs (you know bloggers?). There are more than 10 cameras for Jayne, Gabby and the sponsors to help us take eh.

Explaining in the freezer what the different games that they planned for us. So, we were all divided in five teams under: Ben, Randy, Sophie, Melissa and Silver.

Game 1: Complete the 4 different tasks.
Task 1: Find a crew to carry/piggyback anyone in the group and take photo.
Task 2: Find a kid, make the kid kiss 2 members of your group and take photographs of it.
Task 3: Find someone who is wearing spectacles and take a group photo with him/her.
(That person cannot be form your group.)
Task 4: Make a snowman as a group and take a photo of it.

Task 1: Find a crew to carry/piggyback anyone in the group and take photo.

Task 2: Find a kid, make the kid kiss 2 members of your group and take photographs of it.
Awww, he reminds of the cute boy boy from UP. I know the 2nd one is blur but they looked so cute and blissful.

Task 3: Find someone who is wearing spectacles and take a group photo with him/her.
This one, easy peasy. I didn't manage to grab a shot though, or maybe I did but the entire image was blur.

*Image downloaded from Nuffnang Facebook
Task 4: Make a snowman as a group and take a photo of it.
Opps, caught aware. Making snowman in progress.

*Image downloaded from Nuffnang Facebook
Hello Team Melissa:
Melissa, Jasmine, Melissa, Tiffany, me.

"SnowWorld this morning with @melisapro and group ♥ won the first round despite the freezing condition ^^"
Yup, we won the first game!

We were all gathered in the igloo for some warmth and for the start of the 2nd game.

Game 2: Find all 15 hearts hidden in the entire themepark. The team with the most number of hearts wins!
We went running up and down searching and I only managed to get one. But it got lost and I didn't manage to have it back :(

*Image downloaded from Nuffnang Facebook
Game 3: Grab a big snowball and hit your enemies. The one who is hit will not move to the next round.
We only played one round and the time was up! Why does time fly so fast?! We didn't get the chance to play the slide :( and we had to get out because the session was over.

This was how my camera captured images when it just got out of the freezer :( Nonetheless, team Melissa won the first game and walked away with a backpack and notebook.

Note to self: get a camera strap or buy a new camera, so that your movement will not in the way because you are holding on to the camera all the time.

After all the fun, we had to prepare for checkout at 12pm :( We had our lunch at the lobby after our checkout.

The different food that were ready when we got there.

Something hilarious happened to Ann and I. Since our meals were provided, we thought that what we were given were all displayed on the table and we had to pay the rest, so we got ourselves a salad to share and some drinks. We were wrong! Oh mine, so the sponsors told us to pack many food back to cover the costs (we paid), since it was not possible for them to help us get the money back. Oh well.

So Ann and I went to pack 2-3 boxes of cupcakes (each box can hold about 3 cupcakes) back. And I didn't even try any at all :( I think my brother ate them all. And no photos too - most got squashed when they got home from the 6/7/8-hour journey. Anyway, many of them also did the same way and the display was pretty empty because all were swept away by the huge group of us :P Anyway, thanks for letting us pack some home!

Half way, we stopped at a local products store to buy some local prodcuts (duh, what am I talking about?) It was so crowded - I think most of them came from KL/Genting, since the checkout time was around that timing.

At about 6pm, we reached Yong Peng again, for dinner. And I finally got this kaya balls wahaha. One reason is because I was broke already LOL. Another is I want to have them! SATISFIED!

I thought the journey from Yong Peng to Malaysian Custom was quite short, but the driver took relatively long. What I heard was that he went a big round :( We could have reached home half-to-one hour earlier. But the driver was nice enough to drop us at Taman Jurong for the person staying in the West.

So here are my buys! I find myself buying lots of food when I travel, because I want to bring them home for my family. I don't mean I travel a lot but if I have the chance, I will get for them, since we rarely travel.

Even though it was an ultra-short break, I still enjoyed it, having not to think about what has been/is going on in Singapore. (Ok I still think since it is not possible to completely not remember.) I think I deserve this break and probably more in due time. Meanwhile, I just want to get those stuff over with as soon as possible.

Once again, thank you Nuffnang and Resort World Genting for the sponsored trip and the mini getaway!

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