Friday, October 12, 2012


What happens when you need a feast in the middle of the night?
When all shops are closed. When you do not want to go for fast food.


*Image from Xin Wang website
Yes, you didn't see wrongly.
Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe has extended their opening hours till 4am for 13 out of its 16 outlets! Awesome! Now you can satisfy your late night craving and enjoy your late night dining at the nearest outlet.

On 4 October, we were invited to the feasting at one of their open-till-4am outlets, Marina Square.

*Images from Xin Wang Facebook
The drinks prepared pre-hand before we arrived. Of course, I went for their famous Hong Kong milk tea :P

If bubble tea has been a craving for you, you have got to try this milk tea.

*Image from Xin Wang Facebook
Little things for us to camwhore with.

I like the pinkie owl.

The girls at our table with our membership card ^^

*Image from Xin Wang Facebook
There was a contest that night and we had to post photos on their Facebook page or/and on Twitter/Instagram with their hashtag. Get some creative juices and start posting on Facebook/Twitter because one from each platform with the most creative caption wins!

Rachel photobomb-ed me about 5 times and we didn't take proper photos together that night :(

I can't help but need to post this up. Hello HP!

Brad, aka Lady Iron Chef.

Maureen, aka Miss Tam Chiak.

*Image from Xin Wang Facebook
I like this candid shot. And what exactly were we doing?

We were playing charades and we were trying to guess the food that the person was trying to tell us. Super epic and funny.

We were all quite famished and our table was the only one without food when the emcee already stopped for "supper" time :( (since some of us didn't have any dinner)

Finally the food arrived! I specially like curry noodles with chicken cutlet and seafood hor fun. I didn't try all, because when all the dishes came, we were all rather full from the first few dishes.

I was trying my luck for the contest, but I did not win. Anyway, fried chicken with crackers looked very tempting that night when I just had my weekly run with the colleagues.

We also had a jigsaw puzzle session and it was pretty difficult but Rachel and I managed to complete it, even though we were not the first. Perseverance is key :)

The 2 different puzzles.
Actually the key to completing the puzzle is to form the outline but look at this outlet - all the pieces are of the same colour, so it adds another level to the difficulty.

Dessert time!
I think mango desserts are rather popular everywhere and the refreshing dessert is becoming one of my favourites too, especially mango dessert with ice cream and mango snow ice with ice cream.

2 professionals being serious at work of taking photo of the mango dessert.

Qian Hui, Zi Wei, Amanda
Brad, Maureen
Jaslyn, Rachel, Jayne

*Image from Xin Wang Facebook
HP and gang left earlier without taking a group photo.

There are more than 200 items on their menu, ranging from snacks, to proper meal, to desserts etc, so there must be at least one or more that you bound to like. Do drop by their outlets to check out their menu and prepare for a feast!

Remember to visit and like Xin Wang Facebook page because it is giving you SPECIAL LIMITED EDITION gift! All you have to do is snap a photo and post on the Facebook page. Easy peasy. The contest is already up on the page, so remember to drop by the outlets tomorrow night (remember to set your Facebook to public during the contest period)! Don't miss this great opportunity!

Xin Wang Hong Kong Café

The selected 13 out of 16 outlets include: Anchorpoint, Cathay Orchard Cineleisure, Changi Airport Terminal 3*, Heartland Mall, Holland Village, Marina Square, Northpoint Shopping Center, Springvale @ Siglap, Sun Plaza, Tiong Bahru Plaza, West Coast Plaza, White Sands Shopping Mall and Yew Tee Point.

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