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SHAPE Nov 12

Disclaimer: I am in no way compensated to do this post.
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Every month, when I receive the magazine I subscribed to and after reading it through, I will just dump it aside. I read and thought we remembered but actually I forgot after a while. And suddenly I remembered I once read something similar somewhere but I can't remember where and which issue I read it from -.-

So I want to record and highlight something I like or find it interesting. I won't post almost every single thing, but you can ask me if you see something interesting from the photos I post and I will do my best to help :)

The 2 magazines I subscribed to are CLEO and SHAPE, but not SEVENTEEN (I used to - 2 years only) because I think my age is drifting away from *clears throat*.

I shall start with SHAPE November issue because I think CLEO December issue is coming out, so no point if I want to go it chronologically.

Shape Your Life
Find balance every day!

Remember I once blogged about 10 simple tips to saving?

Hmm... I think nowadays I don't really locked my cards at home, just to avoid spending. The reason why people carry it out is probably because of emergency. And it will be pretty embarrassing when you run out of cash.

I think this might work.
No. 7. Think first - 10-second rule.

However, I was totally wrong about No. 1 & 2 when I read this:

I pretty much agree with what the magazine says. Contrary to No. 2 about having only $10-$20 in the wallet, I now think that such amount would not last the entire day, especially when I started working. My family would ask me to buy this and pay that, and I really have to carry my (debit) card around.

Live Healthy
Arm yourself with knowledge!

Nothing much in this section this time.

Have a dose of laughter then.

Get Fit
Sculpt your best body ever!

I really don't mind attending a Gangnam style fitness class. I think it will be really interesting. To be honest, I have only listened to the entire song ever since it went viral. No absolute feeling towards it though.

Yes women don't like to get or be fat. But why would these people rather be blind than fat? Hmm if you are fat, you can lose weight right?

Get Right
Fuel your body!

Recently, I made myself a Banana wrap with nutella chocolate and it tasted awesome! *self-praise* I kept seeing friends posting a piece of bread spread with nutella and banana on top, so I wanted to have it too.

Now, make a bread with banana and chocolate. It is easy to make actually. Chocolate is your happy dosage if you have a little craving, thus I like the combination.

Look Great
Be at your most gorgeous!

Removing makeup is one of the most important steps to getting a clear skin!

Events, promotions & news

I have a pair of sport shoes that adds to my height, and I don't really like that part. I am thinking of buying a new pair but I just got that last year. The right pair of shoes for your feet can make your workout better and more effective. (I won't say efficient - because results take time.)

I was actually thinking of changing one meal of my day to such shakes to improve the overall health. I heard they are relatively effective. Hmm...

What do you think? :) Information overload? But at least you learn something, didn't you? I don't think I will feature something from each section unless they are interesting, but I will try as much as I can to get something out of each section/issue :)

Anyway, my printer/scanner broke down, thus the low quality photos. So I was thinking of getting a new one. Any one to recommend? :)

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