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Happy New Year! I am going to start the first post of the year with the recap of what happened in 2012. In short, I am grateful for (almost) everything that happened in 2012.

I started the year off with a sponsored post, Life Does Not Rewind before I was on hiatus for my final year project and exams. I introduced (my) 3rd and last edition of Samples for everyone. During that period, I had a 5-day marathon filled with project submissions, events, tests and presentations. Thereafter, I did a short post on Things females do for BEAUTY and a little update on my final semester. Finally after my last paper, I was back with a short post with movie date with classmates. I did a round up for my hair from bangs to side to bangs again during my school days.

The celebration of "freedom" began with Nuffnang 5th Birthday Bash! I fell in love with pastel, especially the cream colours. I participated Make It Right For A Better Ride even though I didn't win. Rachel and I tried our luck at the Cineleisure competition - even though we were not shortlisted, we were invited to The Hunger Games premiere. Thanks to Nuffnang (yet again), I attended my first cruise ride: Grand Cruise Bloggers' Night Out. I did my (first and probably last of year) Outfit of the day post. Thanks to Cookie, I attended a lesson about nails with The Pink Room International Nail Academy. Also thanks to Rachel, I got to know the promotion where I got the Nutella Banana mile crepe 50% off. Again because of her, I got to catch Marvel’s The Avengers even though I did not win.

I got my first office job in April. Initially, I was just a temp, but the previous girl left after returning from her break for a week, and I chose to stay after much considerations. With more than 10 years of education, that Maths question made me feel that higher education might have hindered some views.

It was my first time to Zouk Singapore, thanks to Maybelline: Maybelline New (York) Me Party! Well, I am not the partying kind. Come to think of it, why did I wear that? Oh mine.

Once again, I picked up baking with Cupcakes love. Actually, I never stop loving baking. It was just the time factor. I also introduced several beauty products that I bought plus they were highly raved.

I attended Tang Hong Kong Gourmet Food Tasting Session exactly one week before my graduation. Thanks to MoxDeals (from Blogger's Cruise Night Out), I got a sponsored and my first photoshoot from Praeimpact Studios! I am really thankful for this one.

Following the second half of the year, I had few sponsored posts such as making my first clay hand at Earth & Clay and attending Hillsta Amazing Race following its launch. I did two reviews on BRAND’S Tangkwei with Essence of Chicken (BTEC): Part 1 & Part 2. I held my first giveaway, that was because of my 20th birthday!

Once again, thanks to Nuffnang, I participated in BRAVE movie contest and got to catch the movie premiere. After knowing about VanityTrove, I decided to subscribe for one month, receiving VanityTrove's July edition: Destination Beautiful.

The new chapter unfolds, so I did a short post - Till the next. It means till the next meet up because we won't be seeing each other that often again. On one Tuesday & Wednesday night, I had a great meet up with the poly mates, afterwhich I rushed for the farewell they did for the intern, Chika-san. Well, one of the rare times I went for a drink. LOL apparently I was named "the rare guest" when I showed up for one of my colleagues' birthday drink one of the nights. So it was a movie (The Amazing Spiderman) date with Rachel the next day.

I visited two (new for me) places on the same day: Crystal Cafe + Swee Choon Tim Sum Restaurant for birthday celebration and catch up. Oh I had a straight 33-day of waking up at 7/8am everyday for work and school. One of those days included Sherry's farewell dinner. Hope everybody in the group is doing well!

Another first for me was the SHAPE run 2012. It was definitely a great experience and I really hope to join again this year. Looking forward! And I had my first experience at Salon Vim after reading reviews about it. I got myself some items from Japalang warehouse sales and collected my winnings from CLEO office: Beauty purchases/receives. We visited restaurants for colleagues' birthday - Fukuichi Japanese Dining + Oriole Cafe & Bar (new for me). Wah I visited new restaurants and food places in town area while in this job.

I also introduced the baking segment into my blog and started off with Milo brownie in a cup. And I got myself loving running because I wanted to slim down and keep fit. The first 2 weeks got me slim down but the weight bounced back again after not long LOL.

Something big happened and it made me write this post: Thank you, love! and Life is too short.. Please do not ask me anything much. Thank you very much :)

There was a launch of NuffnangX which everyone got hyped it. Because of Nuffnang, I tried my luck for the 3rd Genting trip - Winter in Genting - since I couldn't attend the first. Probably because of the things I went through and experienced, I decided to help promote Sweet Charity: Desserts For A Cause.

I am really thankful for the sponsored things: 7-Eleven - It's a store and more! and Xin Wang WEE OWLS. I finally got to visit Genting: 2D1N Genting (Day 1) and 2D1N Genting (Day 2). I got to review the product from a well-known brand - Hada Labo Arbutin Whitening Lotion. And I decided to continue VanityTrove subscription from October edition: Big & Bold.

I caught a monochrome movie Frankenweenie, which I initially thought that it would be scary. I decided to blog about magazines, starting with SHAPE Nov 12 but ended off shortly with CLEO Dec 12. So I received VanityTrove November 2012: Dream Girl.

I attended the first and last wedding of the year for Cousin Sonia & Josh. I also had the chance to the Global Chinese Music Awards 2012 and won Frankenwinnie tickets and Crocs shoes from Joey's giveaway. During thanksgiving, I am really grateful and thankful for everyone around me, especially my family.

Even though I did not attend the launch, I got to know more about JRunway: Harujuku Street Style. I received my most favourite box of the year - Dec 12: Victoria's Secrets with many good brands. Another reputable brand I got to review was Sunplay SKIN Aqua UV Moisture Milk SPF50 PA+++.

The last movie of the year I caught was Wreck-It Ralph and it was really awesome - the must-catch of the year. And I came back with another recipe for Red Velvet White Chocolate Chip Cookies. Before I ended the year with the recipe for Snowball Cookie, I wished everyone Happy Boxing Day.

Well, it was many "first"s for me in 2012.

I am going to be very open about my resolutions this year. Perhaps the law of attraction works a lot better when things are written down. I believe it does!

1. improve overall well-being
Losing fats and gaining muscles are more important than losing weight (since it can just be a number and mean nothing if your body is not good and healthy). What I need to do is exercise regularly (aim is 3 to 4 times a week) and eat healthily. Go for facial/face treatment, face threading, dental and do hair regularly. I need to have a proper image and not laze around not caring about how I look. LOL it is a fact that everyone is vain.

2. maintain good relationships
Family, friends or even colleagues. Sometimes I really wonder what I did wrong when a person suddenly turned cold towards me. I might have thought too much, but I just dislike the feeling when I know I did nothing wrong. Come to think of it, I was/am good to almost everyone around me. Those people who have seen my ups and downs, I really appreciate all your love and help in one way or another, especially what happened last year. I will do the same for you too.

3. find a loved one
This kind of thing is quite difficult to say, but hopefully the law of attraction works for me. Even though I do not blog or fb or tweet or say it everyday, deep down I think everyone yearns to have the other half. People tell me it is okay not to be attached at this age. Hello? Those (unattached) people of my similar age might/would probably tell you off. Some people would even count backwards so that they can get married at the appropriate time of the life. No I would not do that to them. But as you grow older, you are afraid, because people around you are attached and you tend to think no one is probably left for you. LOL I think too far already. Told you I am going to be open about this.

4. be better in cooking and baking
I am going to learn to be a (good) housewife, no I am not saying I will be housewife and not work at all. I believe the happiest thing a man can come home to is a nice dinner cooked by the loved one. LOL I might be thinking too far, but there are so much more I need to learn about cooking. My baking skills are slowly picking up but they still need improvement!

5. make and save more money
Everything is for my future. Prices are increasing everywhere in Singapore. At this age of 20, I am already worried that I cannot afford a flat. Some people tell me to worry only when I get the "key" (as in 21st yo key). It is actually already scary, like I am spending even before I earn - I earn but not much.

These are what I can only think of now. Well, I shall see as it goes along.

May 2013 be a good and awesome year for everybody! And this is the year I am turning 21. Time flies.

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